• Location: Port Elizabeth
  • Cost per session: only R395
  • Book by phone: 083 461 6328
Your personal trainer

Experience the latest revolution in obtaining the body of your dreams, only one 15min session required per week. Our trainers ensure the journey to your perfect body is a fun experience without the strain experienced with traditional heavy weights and gym equipment.

Highly effective

Don't get tied down. With Wav-e's portable EMS device, you can train in the comfort of your home or office just as you can train at a fitness centre. Unlike other EMS devices, Wav-e has innovated a completely wireless system which allows complete freedom of movement while training.

Train where you want to

The unmatched technology found within the Wav-e device allows you to train in your home, office, outside in a garden or even at the beach to soak up nature as you get the body you always wanted.


Save time and let one of our friendly 'Wav-e Go' trainers come to you, in the comfort of your own home or office. For those with a busy lifestyle, a workout session is only 15min of your lunch hour in the day.

Wav-e South Africa

The Wav-e system adds an innovative and totally new dimension to your workout and fitness goals while saving you time.

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