What is Wav-e

This revolutionary new training System offers clients the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) through advanced and unique 3D Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to deliver enhanced results in a short period of time.

Only 15 minutes, once a week is all you need to start losing centimeters on your waist and get the body you always wanted. The revolutionary Wav-e system also allows athletes to recover faster from injuries and increase explosive power by up to 30%

The Wav-e Twin Trainer

Ideal for use in studios and gyms

The Wav-e Personal Trainer

Ideal for use at home, the office or anywhere you want to train while on the move

The Wav-e Active Functional Wear

This is our unique, innovative, suit that connects wirelessly to the Twin Trainer or Personal Trainer unit
Why you should use Wav-e
Wav-e even offers group classes
View our Port Elizabath based, Wav-e Greenacres studio, in 360 degrees


Customised workouts
Workouts are customisable to suit individuals' goals
Combine with cycling
The Wav-e suit can be used in conjunction with a stationary fitness bike for increased results
Two systems
Wav-e is provided in a "Personal Trainer" and "Twin Trainer" size to fit in with your lifestyle
Scientifically proven
Supported by extensive scientific studies that show increased muscle growth and reduced waist size
Optimised for time
The total body workout that strengthens, sculpts and tones in just 15 minutes a week.
Workouts are saved
Your workout preferences are stored on unique swipe cards for convenient return to previous workouts

Wav-e South Africa

The Wav-e system adds an innovative and totally new dimension to your workout and fitness goals while saving you time.

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